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When building a warehouse, consider a dome construction - cost-effective, protective storage for your equipment and supplies. Industrial enclosures that are functional and safe.

Get the job done with a Dome™ Industrial Unit for just a fraction of the cost of a conventional building!

  • Warehouses
  • Equipment storage
  • Materials storage
  • Inventory storage
  • Recycling enclosures
  • Sand blasting enclosures
  • Sewage treatment
  • Work areas
  • Join two buildings

Custom, Steel or Track curtain door kits to suit your usage!

      We use the most modern equipment and materials to ensure efficient, top quality production.
      This allows you to have a quality structure on your own property for a fraction of the cost of a more conventional building.  In addition, our shelters go up and down in a matter of hours without any reduction in the necessary strength of the structure.

Tarpaulins attach to frame using AUTOMOTIVE GRADE Seat Belt fabric.
(Over 5000 lb. breaking strain!)

dome constructions

better than building a warehouse!

VINAGUARD™: Vinyl coated polyester (both sides) with a special urethane top coat. Incorporates high concentrations of Ultra Violet stabilizers, anti mold and anti fungus compounds.  Low wicking polyester prohibits discoloration.
      Meets fire codes for public access buildings including ULC S -109 and CPAI 84, section 7 & 8, as specified by the National Building Code of Canada 1990.
VINAGUARD™ is available in 12 stock colors including the popular Environmental gray and Hunter green.

FRAMES: all frames are made of heavy gauge structural steel tubes.  Tube sizes range from 1 1/8 in. OD up to 2 3/4 in. oval tube depending upon usage and size structure.
     All steel incorporates galvalume™ finish for extended life span and smoother surface (cover protection.
     All weld material is cold galvanized to eliminate rust damage.  Engineered for extreme conditions including heavy snow & wind loads.

industrial enclosures

dome constructions
industrial enclosures


All of our anchors are provided to ensure wind resistance over 75 mph.

 Be sure to specify anchor surface when ordering your dome!


  • Screw Rod anchors  suitable for soil, sand or asphalt.
        These anchors vary from 17 in. to 47 in. deep with "spoons" measuring between 4 & 6 in. across.  Pull out ratings are between 450 lb. - 4,200 lb. each depending upon soil conditions.
  • Steel Stake anchors are designed and tested to pull out ratings of 4,200 lb. in asphalt pads.  A pilot hole and sledge hammer is necessary to drive these anchors.
  • Sleeve anchors are designed for extreme loads when set in cement.  A drill with a masonry bit will be necessary to install these anchors.
  • Wooden anchor systems are available for dock covers or wood mounted structures.  The wooden sub structure must be securely anchored to the ground!

OPTIONS:as a custom shop, we offer hundreds of different options.  Some of the most common include:
    Extra door: these various doors (1,2 or 3 zip) are designed to give you
         a full size opening on either end of your Dome™.
    2-way Window: includes permanent clear panel and privacy flap.
    Louvered vents: these vent kits are designed to control condensation
         or "sweating" inside your Dome™.  They can be installed in our shop
         or fitted in the field using hand tools.
    Skylight: this is an extremely useful option giving you plenty of natural
         light in your shelter.  A skylight lets through the same light as frosted
         glass.  It comes in 5 ft. strips.

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