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So, be sure to specify your anchor surface when ordering your Dome™!

For all of our Dome Shelter Systems™, we offer you a wide variety of anchor options to suit every type of surface you have. As well, our anchors have been field tested to sustain wind resistance over 75 mph. In addition, our sales department is well experienced in developing custom anchors for your unique requirements. Below list the type of anchors used by most common firm ground conditions:

Screw Rod Anchors or Augers:
Suitable for soil, sand or gravel surfaces - These anchors vary from 17” to 47” deep with spoons measuring between 4” to 6” across and have a pullout rating of between 450 lbs – 4200 lbs each, depending on soil conditions. For example, the most commonly used 27” screw rod anchors have the following pull-out strengths in different ground conditions:
  • Silty Sand: 454 psf

  • Packed Gravel: 650 psf

  • Soil: 1200 psf

  • Clay: 2300 psf
(Note: In cases where longer or custom rods are required, an extra 2 weeks for delivery is needed. Also, extra installation time is required if tree roots are present. Please contact us if you cannot install anchor to the full depth.)

Steel Stake Anchors or Rebar Stakes:
Suitable for asphalt surfaces - Our steel stake anchors used in combination of a minimum 4” asphalt cover on top of compacted soil below will give a pull-out strength of 4300 psf. A pilot hole and sledgehammer is necessary to drive these anchors.

Sleeve Anchors:
Suitable for concrete surfaces - These large anchors with heavy-duty brackets are used to resist extreme loads. A drill with a masonry bit will be necessary to install these anchors.

Wood Anchors:
Suitable for wood dock covers or wood mounted structures - Our hex head wood screw and steel brackets are used. Please note the wooden sub structures must be securely anchored to the ground.

Special Anchor Option – Precast Concrete Block Foundations:
In cases where the ground is incapable or the ground finish must be preserved, we also offer a raised block wall foundation option. In addition, these block walls can be used as a collision barrier for moving equipment functioning within the shelter, as well as providing extra height clearance for all your storage needs. Please contact our sales representatives for further details.

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