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Salt storage and salt protection is a real concern for snow covered Canada and the USA.  Whether you are a property manager, landscaper, snow removal contractor, snow plow operator, heavy equipment owner, municipal manager, or government contractor:
You have equipment and bulk material storage needs.

Dome Shelter Systems™ has the solution:
Our specialized line of salt storage structures.

Our unique line of portable fabric structures and storage shelters are made to perform as a salt pile cover, salt storage shelter, or salting equipment storage shelter.  Protect and store costly snow plow supplies and snow plow equipment on site or on your own property.

Each salt fabric shelter is made with salt storage in mind, and made to last.

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  • Snow plow equipment
  • Snow plows
  • Salting equipment
  • Salt loaders
  • Salt spreaders
  • Salters and sanders
  • Snow removal accessories Snow plow supplies

If you need outdoor storage space a portable storage Dome from Dome Shelter Systems™ is the answer.

For complete information – including popular sizes, steel and fabric material specs, and unique features specific to salt storage please click to download our salt and aggregate storage brochure.


The Dome Salt Shelter Advantage:

A salt structure protects your investment.
Quickly put up a storage shelter and keep expensive bulk material and heavy equipment dry.  Avoid clumping of road salt and jamming of salt spreading equipment.

A salt dome from Dome Shelter Systems™ not only acts as a salt cover but provides portable salt storage capabilities.

A Dome temporary salt storage tent is not only practical but professional – a salt building keeps your job site or yard tidy and organized.

Choose from our line of salt shelters, complete with cement block layouts to mount as a cement block shelter
Build your own salt bin – we can make a salt bin cover, storage dome or salt containment shelter to fit.


  • A salt tent can work ideally as a  bulk material storage shelter
  • Ie.
    • Sand storage shelter
    • Gravel storage shelter
    • Screenings storage shelter
    • Sand storage shelter
    • Mulch storage shelter
    • Peat storage shelter
    • Wood chip storage shelter
    • Soil storage
    • Ice melter pellet storage
    • Shipping dock shelter
  • Garbage storage and sorting
  • Recycling storage and sorting
  • Landscape equipment shelter & landscape supplies
  • Saw mill and saw dust shelter
  • Inventory storage shelter
  • Equipment shelter

Our shelters are in use across Toronto, Canada and the USA by:
  • Disposal and recycling contractors as sorting shelter
  • Government and municipal contractors as salt and sand shelters
  • Garden centers as garden center shelters
  • Landscapers as landscape supply shelters

 - Call us or submit a request for quotation above -
We have a fabric structure to suit your requirement.


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