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To Maximize Accessibility...

Every application is different. To ensure maximum versatility from your DomeTM Shelter, many standard and custom access door options are available.Whether you are using your Dome™ as a carport, for RV storage, for boat storage, for bulk storage, or as a warehouse - There is a door option to meet your needs!

Standard Shelter Doors...

Fabric Zippered Doors:
For all fully enclosed Dome� Shelter Systems, we feature easy and secure accessibility. For different shelter widths, we provide the following standard zippered access options:
  • 8' to 14' dome shelters - one end with 2-zippered roll-up door, the other end solid;

  • 15' to 18' heavy duty dome shelters - one end with 3-zippered roll-up door, the other end solid;

  • 16' to 24' gable style shelters - one end with 3-zippered opening, the other end solid;
  • 18' to 26' medium span dome shelters - one end with 3-zippered roll-up door, the other end solid;
  • 30' to 36' wide span dome shelters - one end with 3-zippered roll-up door, the other end solid;

*All zippered access doors use heavy duty zipper, are double stitched, reinforced, and come complete with roll-up straps installed. All zippers come with double sided pull tabs.

**Please note that a ladder may be required to open the doors fully for some models

In addition to a standard zippered door provided in basic Dome� Shelter Systems, additional zipper doors can be installed in the shelters in any position, allowing flexible door clearance heights and widths.

Although all zippers are double stitched and reinforced, to withstand high wind pressures additional reinforcing is available through wind pressure relieving straps.

In addition to our standard access in the front panel, we also offer other door options for specific applications. It is our goal to provide you with means of entry that will maximize the usefulness of your shelter. Please see the following Door Options section for complete details.

Optional Doors...
As mentioned, we offer numerous door options to ensure our customers have full access to their shelters. For all dome-style shelters up to 14' wide and all gable-style shelters, we offer the extra zippered door in the back panel with 1-zipper up the middle, 2-zippers or 3-zippers. This will allow you to have access from either end or drive right through. In addition, for all our medium and wide span Dome� shelters systems, we offer the following door options:

Fabric Curtain Doors:
This option features a lower cost 'over height' sliding curtain door ideal for door clearance needs greater than 7 feet high. These curtain doors are easy to operate without the need of a ladder. Available in 4 standard sizes: 10' x 10', 10' W x 12' H, 12' W x 10'H, and 12' x 12' and offered with a one-year warranty.
Custom sizes available.*Please note weather seal is imperfect and periodic maintenance of curtain doors may be required to ensure smooth operation.


Steel Curtain (Drum Style) Doors:
Most common use for this option is for high traffic cargo doors that are larger than typical fabric curtain doors, ideal for frequent forklift access. In addition to its good weather seal, this option includes a chain pull or a remote control electrical operator for ease of use, as well as an extensive manufacturer's warranty. Each steel curtain door will require a custom fabricated structural framing system, including two door posts to be supported by concrete footings 18"� x 48" deep. Please call our sales office for details and quotation.

Fabric Pull-UpTM Doors:
A cost effective alternative to a steel curtain door is a Fabric Pull-UpTM Door. This overhead fabric door style utilizes a track, drum, and chain fall raising system perfectly suited to high traffic applications. Pull-UpTM doors offer security from the elements when closed, and unobstructed, easy access to your shelter when open. Available in two standard sizes: 10' x 10' and 12' x 12', and requires no poured footings or custom fabricated door posts. Everything you need is supplied with your shelter.

Fabric Strip Curtain Doors:
Another cost effective alternative for high traffic shelters is a strip fabric curtain door. This type of door will allow frequent forklift and/or materials traffic and will not require footings or structural frame for end wall installations. Please note additional weatherproofing provisions may be required, especially at ground level.

Conventional Steel Passage Doors/Man Doors:
Available on all DomeTM Shelter Systems, this options acts as the perfect complement to a Pull-UpTM or Steel Curtain Door. Man doors are 32" x 80", 26 gauge steel clad and primed, and include a lock set for secured access to your shelter. When installed in an end wall panel, custom anchors and lightweight framing will be required. When installed in a sidewall, heavy-duty load bearing structural framing will be required, as well as foundation footing anchorage. Please contact our sales office for a custom quote.

No Door at All...
Depending upon your specific application, not door or end panel may be required. We can work with you to ensure that your needs are satisfied.

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