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    To Further Personalize Your Dome™ Shelter Are Our Custom Options…
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Options & Colours
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In addition to our standard complete Dome� shelter packages, we offer a wide variety of popular options to help you personalize your shelter to suit your every need!

A Wide Array of Colours…
The VinaGARD� colours we have for you to choose from for all of our Dome� Shelter units include our most popular natural colours of hunter green, grey and beige, as well as vibrant colours of yellow, royal blue, chocolate brown, white, red burgundy, and black. We offer this colour option as part of our standard package at no extra cost to you!
(Note: Please check with our sales staff for colour availability at time of order to avoid unexpected delays.)

Hunter Green Chocolate Brown Red
Yellow Beige Burgundy
Royal Blue White (skylight) Black
Orange Grey    

Natural Lighting…
With our window and skylight options for the opaque VinaGARD� fabric, your shelter will be naturally lit, while privacy within the shelter is maintained. For our windows, we provide a 2-way, permanent clear panel with privacy flap inside the shelter. Also, we offer a 5-foot wide skylight option that can be installed along the full length of the shelter, made of a UV-protected translucent fabric.

VinaGARDTM Covers with Skylight...


Proper Ventilation…
It is important to provide proper ventilation to control sweating or condensation inside your shelter. We therefore recommend the optional vents be installed in the back panel, where they are most effective.

Standard Vent Options...
Screened louvered vents:
These vents are offered in two sizes 12" x 12" and 12" x 15" to suit the application of your DomeTM Shelter System. These vents can be fitted in our shop, or in the field.

High Airflow Mesh vents:
For applications which require maximum airflow, vinyl coated mesh vents can be factory installed in the end covers of any DomeTM Shelter System. Mesh vents come complete with a zippered fold down flap on the inside of the shelter. Standard size is 30" x 55", but any size can be custom tailored to meet your specific needs.

Custom Ventilation Options:
For other exhaust outlets required by equipment operating inside the shelter, we can provide custom apertures in our main cover. For your other custom ventilation needs, we also offer the options of powered vent fans and new wind driven ventilation turbines. Please contact our sales representatives for further details.

And Finally There Are Our Special Request Options…
We are dedicated to provide all our customers with options beyond the basics, in order to give them a product that fits perfectly with their needs. Some of the most popular special options that we have implemented for our past customers are listed below:
  • Interior noise and temperature insulation;

  • Radiant tube heaters from 10,000 to 500,000 Btu's;

  • Joiner kits to attach structure to an existing shelter;

  • Installation, and maintenance services; -Western Tarpaulin & Company 's experienced installation crew can have your shelter installed fast and hassle free
    (Note: location restrictions may apply)

  • If a building permit is requested by your municipality, be sure to mention this to our sales staff prior to ordering your shelter. They can provide you with quotation for a shelter that will meet your municipality�s requirements.

    Part of this process, and prior to manufacturing, we will conduct an engineering review of your shelter and produce an engineer stamped drawing.*

    *Each engineering review is specific to your shelter, and is only provided at an additional cost. Engineering review may also result in recommendations of minor design changes. While unlikely, this may add to the cost of your shelter.

    If you don�t know if a permit is required for your shelter, be sure to contact your municipality for clarification prior to ordering.

We welcome any suggestions you may have to help you customize your shelter and our technical sales staff is always eager to assist you in finding the best solution for you. Please contact our sales office for specific pricing

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