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To Complement our premium cover is our….

Superior Galvalume™ Steel Frame

Superior Rust Resistance…

To ensure long-term performance, all frames of our standard Dome™ shelters are structural grade steel tubing with a special Galvalume™ finish that yields superior weather-ability. Lab and field testing has proven Galvalume™ coated steel to demonstrate rust resistance six times that of conventional galvanized steel. In addition, we have taken the extra steps to cold galvanize all weld areas, as well as introducing a new acrylic clear coat to our steel tubing, to further increase its rust resistance and clean finish.

Our standard Dome Shelter Systems™ have steel tubing ranging from 1 1/4" round to 3-1/2" oval in size, depending on the size and usage of the shelter. We offer both dome style and peaked roof gable style shelters, ranging from 8 to 40 feet wide, from 8 to 20 feet high and to any length at 3 or 4-foot increments. All you need to do is choose the standard size that suits your needs and we will do the rest. If you have any other specific needs that our standard sizes cannot meet, we can offer you the option of larger truss-style buildings up to 52’ wide. Please contact our sales representatives for further details, and we will be more than happy to assist you in working out the solution for your unique application.

All of our standard Dome™ shelters are built to last.

If a building permit is requested by your municipality, be sure to mention this to our sales staff prior to ordering your shelter. They can provide you with quotation for a shelter that will meet your municipality’s requirements. Part of this process, and prior to manufacturing, we will conduct an engineering review of your shelter and produce an engineer stamped drawing.*

*Each engineering review is specific to your shelter, and is only provided at an additional cost. Engineering review may also result in recommendations of minor design changes. While unlikely, this may add to the cost of your shelter.

If you don’t know if a permit is required for your shelter, be sure to contact your municipality for clarification prior to ordering.

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